Here’s an idea (and I’ll post this a few times to see how many folks I can get).

I am a prolific writer. Meaning? I write. A lot. And I write best when I write for others… so, my plan is to write a short story for y’all.

Yes, for y’all.


So, I want you folks to comment on this post and all I want you to do is put one word. A single word. And with that word I’ll write a story with you in mind with the title of the story being that word. I can’t promise I’ll get to all of you. I’ll pick one person per session (depending on how many hits I get I might do this once a month or bi-monthly).

And for you? I’ll write the story and send you a hard copy. Depending on the length and quality and content I’ll either post it on the Nicoagrande WordPress blog or even send it off to magazines.

So, my friends and enemies and other people who probably don’t give a fuck..

POST (words) UP!

Here’s an idea…

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