Lack of individuality, lack of lots…

Been awhile, right? This is from a phone that isn’t turned on from a bed that has old stains of a dogs shit from three years ago in an apartment I am not sure I can afford once my roommate leaves.

That is simply description… Not an attempt to pull at heart strings. I just want everyone to know where I stand.

Seems like a lie now… Every Thursday I post will be up, right? For awhile I kept up with it but then life intervened and I became anything but myself.

I am an amalgam of everyone I’ve ever met with no real self inside to shine forth. Even my ideas are those of others whether I want them to be or not. Smarter people, more original people, better people.

“be yourself, Nico. Who cares what others do… Do what you do.”

Fuck you, inner dialogue. Were it so easy I would.. Maybe it is. Who knows.

All I know is I’m tired. So very very tired.


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